FORCE Membership Benefits


You now have access to critical industry information through newsletters, webinars, emails, and text messages.


As a member of the FORCE, your compliance is verified, making you a more reputable and marketable contact.


FORCE members can do more than just meet expectations; they can exceed them by staying up-to-date with latest industry changes and educational offerings.


The FORCE will work with you to grow your business through co-marketing opportunities such as those available through the Five Star Conference.


The FORCE is continuously working to provide productive partnerships for our members. You can now connect with leaders of the industry in ways that enhance and grow your business.


FORCE members have access to critical industry information through the Voice of the FORCE newsletter, DS News magazine, email blasts, and social media and text message alerts. Our online community starts with Facebook, where we’ve established a private forum for interacting with your fellow members and sharing professional insights. The monthly newsletter, tailored email messaging, and DS News are great ways to keep up with mortgage industry updates and best practices. Our blog is also a good way to catch up on member news, market trends, upcoming events, and advice from agents to agents. Click here to view our communication templates.


As a member of the FORCE, your compliance is verified, making you a more reputable and marketable contact. Agents and brokers must have at least three years of experience in REO or have sold over 100 REO properties to be eligible to join our network. In addition, FORCE members are fully vetted for the following:

  • Annual national background checks
  • Residential real estate license verification
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance verification
  • Name Address Identifier (NAID) verification
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) verification
  • Ethical conduct expectations

Members receive regular credential inspection to safeguard their elite standing within the industry and ensure a superior quality of service from the FORCE national network. FORCE membership opportunities are limited at a state level in order to maintain a balance between regional REO volumes and the number of available FORCE representatives available to serve those markets. Click here to view our membership availability.


FORCE members can exceed expectations by staying up-to-date with the latest industry changes and educational offerings through the FORCE Webinar Series and Five Star's new certifications. Members who obtain the Distressed Asset Disposition Certification from Five Star Academy will receive a "FORCE Plus" designation and priority placement in the Work Assignment Program. FORCE webinars feature presentations from industry leaders and subject matter experts on topics relevant to our members, and attendees get the added benefit of having their contact information sent directly to the presenter for potential new business.


We continuously strive to provide inclusive opportunities and productive partnerships for FORCE members, and agents are invited to join our seven Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Groups. Click here to apply. Our network is also in partnership with various organizations in need of residential REO agent/broker services through the FORCE Work Assignment Program. Services provided include REO sales, short sales, deeds-in-lieu, valuations, and market analysis. Members should check our website regularly to see which ZIP codes have open assignments or if any new assignment listings have been posted in their area.


The FORCE will work with you to grow your business through co-marketing opportunities, complimentary marketing materials, actionable professional analyses, sponsorship and authorship opportunities, and annual exposure in REO Red Book, the official membership directory of the FORCE and the industry's most trusted guide to the highest qualified agents and brokers. Members are also exclusively invited to attend the annual FORCE Rally, one of the most popular events at the Five Star Conference, and to participate in additional private networking opportunities with potential clients in the asset management, investment, and servicing communities throughout the year. Click here to view our events calendar.

REO Red Book

REO Red Book is the resource REO and distressed asset managers turn to when they want to quickly find qualified, experienced residential agents and brokers to move their properties. Published annually and available online, REO Red Book is distributed to lenders, service providers, REO and distressed asset managers, REO real estate agents and brokers, broadening your exposure in the industry.

All FORCE members are urged to keep their profiles current on, so interested companies know they’re looking at the most up-to-date information available.

Complimentary Marketing Materials

A professional-looking business card or custom brochure is the hallmark of a good business, so we’ve developed marketing materials to help you make a good first impression every time.

To redeem your 250 complimentary marketing materials, please visit and do the following:

1. Log on to the members-only site at
2. Create your own account
3. Provide your information and upload your images
4. Select a design template
5. We send you a proof
6. We print and send your brochures to you

DS News Advertising

For even more individual exposure, advertising in DS News is a good option. Much of our readership is part of the asset management community, and you can customize your ad to deliver precisely the branding that you want, from selecting the color scheme to writing the ad copy— even publishing ads targeted specifically for the Five Star Conference and other industry events.

Five Star Conference Sponsorships

From booth sponsorships to branded takeaways, a sponsorship at the Five Star Conference can help maximize your exposure during the industry’s largest event.


FORCE members attending the Five Star Conference and Expo are exclusively invited to attend the annual FORCE Rally, one of the most popular events hosted at the Five Star Conference and Expo each year. The Rally features presentations from industry leaders and panel discussions. During the Power Hour Networking Session and After Party, members enjoy additional private opportunities to connect with potential clients from asset management companies, investment firms, servicing companies, and government entities.